Ariel Schrag’s hilarious and poignant debut novel, ADAM, is on sale today: “it’s a coming of age story about a naive seventeen-year-old boy, Adam, and his seminal summer in 2006 New York City, where he lives with his sister and falls in love with a girl who thinks that he’s a transgender guy” (Flavorwire).

arielschrag is an acclaimed graphic memoirist and former writer for shows like How to Make it in America and The L Word. She lives in Brooklyn and is awesome. Ask her about making the switch to fiction! Ask her about writing from the POV of a seventeen-year-old boy! Ask her about the cool places to go in BK! Submit your questions trough our ask box by 4 p.m. Friday, June 13, and we’ll post her answers on Monday, June 16



Happy book birthday to all these books, both new and back in paperback! Click on the links below to read an excerpt of each new release!

Catch a Falling Star by Kim Culbertson

In the Shadows by Kiersten White & Jim Di Bartolo

ShiverLinger, and Forever by Maggie Stiefvater 

The Freedom Summer Murders by Don Mitchell

The Drowning by Rachel Ward

Born Confused by Tanuja Desai Hidier

Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick 

Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick

After Ever After by Jordan Sonnenblick

The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Notes to Their Younger Selves edited by Sarah Moon and James Lecesne

Unbroken: A Ruined Novel by Paula Morris



I have made art for readers.

Readers who have followed me for a while will know that each year, I try to do something special to some of the pre-ordered copies of my novels. This year I had a really ambitious idea and Scholastic was lovely enough to help me take this concept and run with it.

First, I did portraits of Cole, Isabel, and a wolf. Now Scholastic is printing them on posters that just happen to be perfectly sized to to wrap around your copy of Sinner.

Second, Scholastic sent me three white electric guitars and I defaced them.

The first thing you can buy, and the second thing you can win.

Details of how to acquire these things and full tour schedule here:

7/1: Charlottesville, VA

7/3: Baltimore, MD

7/5: Pittsburgh, PA

7/7: Chicago/ Naperville, IL

7/8: Chicago, IL

7/8: Milwaukee, IL

7/9: Madison, WI

7/10: Iowa City, IA

7/11: Omaha, NE

7/14: Denver, CO

7/19: Salt Lake City, UT

7/21: Reno, NV

7/23: San Francisco, CA

7/24: Menlo Park, CA

7/28: Los Angeles, CA

7/29: Los Angeles/ Montrose, CA

Obsess over the dead. Not living writers. Read everything you can. Let it all seep in. Pay attention to the language around you. Don’t discard the lowbrow. Don’t venerate the highbrow. Find a different path. Translate foreign poems into English. Remember: an interesting life isn’t enough. Don’t worship your teachers. Your peers aren’t your competition. Your competition is silence, the Void. Writing is hard work. Don’t forget that.
Eduardo Corral’s advice to aspiring poets, as told to Michael Laurenty for Barn Owl Review (via bostonpoetryslam)